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Some of my photos are available for purchase – in limited numbers – You can view them here.

The prints are made to order and you can buy them in different sizes.

All printed on thick, 300g, acid free, art-paper of the best quality. Printed at one of the best printing houses in Copenhagen for art and photo print.

All prints are signed and numbered on the back.

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You can order each of the shown photos below in the following sizes:

20 cm x 30 cm: DKK 1.200,- / EUR 160,-
40 cm x 60 cm: DKK 2.000,- / EUR 267,-
70 cm x 100 cm: DKK 2.600,- / EUR 347,-

Shipping cost will be included in your final quotation.

Please note! Should you have special size requirements do sent me your details and I will sent you a quatation

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Lips And Cherries

Kathrine Gislinge Pianist

Indonesian- Banda Ache Schoolgirl

Indian Breaktime

Milk & Summer

Indian Farmers

Gine Tougaard – Ida Moedecenter

Women Empower Business Collage

Milk & Purple straw

Ghana Girls by the water Well

Milk & Butterfly

Malawi mother in the cornfields

Fossum Babies

Botanic Evil

Karen Bro – Editor in Chief Ekstra Bladet

Ayşe Dudu Tepe Radio Host

Pregnant Indian women

Lilly Queen

Deloitte Finance advisor

Deloitte Coporate Finance

Alexander Kølpin Hotel Owner

Deloitte Coporate Finance

Christmas Shoe

Christiane Bang

Markus Griego TV-Chef

Ghanaian girl fetching firewood

Ghanaian girls fetching firewood

Burkina Faso Collage

Ghanaian Car painter

Vegan Food in Forest Floor

Gastro Collage

Bolivian Girl and her Cows

Mette Sillesen Futurologist

Mikala Krogh Documentarist

Anna Thygesen Business women

Christine Foss

Burkina Faso women making soap

Burkina Faso Soaped Hands

North Ghanaian child fetching water

Burkina Faso Girl

Jesper Lohmann Actor

Frozen Fruit

Black Fashion

Beautician Marlene Skytte Riis

Vibeke Nielsen Beauty & Fashion Editor

Women Deliver Collage Nepal

Actress Soes Egelind

Jesper Christensen Actor Christensen

Ritt Bjerregaard Politician

Fashion Beauty

Deloitte Collage

Deloitte Collage

Jack Hotel Brondum Chef

Carpenter Company Kompleet

Carpenter Company Kompleet

Carpenter Company Kompleet

Steen Halbye CEO

Juliane Meulengracht Bang CEO

Artichoke Flower

Aiayu Campaign

Aiayu Campaign

Aiayu Campaign

Aiayu Campaign

Aiayu Campaign

Aiayu campaign

The Nude Forrest Fairy

Calla Lily Shoe




The Corn Man

The Chilli Man

Wrapped in fabric

TV Host Annette Heick

Redberry Women

Winter Beauty

Girl in Sand Dunes

Girl in Copenhagen PoliceYard

Danish entrepreneur Jimmy Maymann

Ulrikka Bryllup

Sing and Songwriter Michael Falch

Sing and Songwriters Krebs/Falch

Poul Krebs Sing & Songwriter

Auther Peter Mygind

Designer Mirja KISS

Sarah Zobel Psykolog

Documentary Producer Sigrid Dyekjaer

Dean Cucik Actor

Peter Mygind Actor

Writer Lotte Garbers

Nikoline Werdelin Cartoonist Writer & Illustrator

Pia Buchna

Jarl Friis Mikkelsen TV Host

Camilla Ottesen TV Host

Jewllery Malene Bie

Jojo Moyers Author

Sophy Emilie Gohs Miehe-Renard

Fossum Girl

Fossum baby

Ida Marie Vibild Schønau

Hairdresser Gun-britt

Actor Nikolaj Coster Waldau

Actor Morten Grunwald

Actress Ellen Hillingsø

Liselotte Lyngsø Futurologist

Mr.News Jes Dorph-Petersen

Actress Mille Dinesen

Wafande Musician

Actress Søs Egelind

Carina Holm

Cookbook auther Anne Larsen

Actor Jesper Christensen

National Handball Coach Klavs Bruun Rasmussen

Lake Fernando Kristensen

Psychologist Kahtrine Axholm

Lawyer Mia Juhl Jørgensen

Danish Rapper Jooks

Editor In Chief karen Bro

Chef and TV Host Timm Vladimir

Editor in Chief Karen Bro

Documentarist Anne Wivel

Lawyer Lotte Vibild Schønau

Actress Naghme Ashabi

Pianist kathrine Gislinge

Sing and Song writer Poul krebs

Founder of CannabisDenmark Søs Egelind

Editor National Danish Broadcast DR.K Anja Hauberg

Violinist Charlie Siem

Former Politician Ritt Bjerregaard

Journalist and Auther Lars Daneskov

Jan Grarup Photo journalist

Documentarist Pernille Rose Grønkjær

Charlie Siem Violinist

Rebecca Wedel Wedelsborg

Documentarist Lotte Mik-Meyer

Simona Abdallah Percussionist

Coporate activist Nikoline Olesen

Flemming Møldrup Lifestyle Expert

Business Developer Trine Nygaard

Futurologist Mette Sillesen

Marlene Skytte Riis Beauty expert

Britt Sisseck Fashion Designer

Lotta Andersen Singer & Actress

Charline Skovgaard Sustainability & Lifestyle Specialist

Weaver Puk Lipmann

Anne Skare Nielsen Futurologist

Pianist Kathrine Gislinge

Beauty Oil Owner Maj-Britt Krewald

Beauty Expert Pia Buchna

Copenhagen Cooking Hip HIP Hurra

Copenhagen Cooking Forrest Fairy

Stillife Salami Rose

Stillife Frozen Rubarb

Chef Markus Grigo

Henrik Boserup Chef

Vegetables & Ham Stilife

Stillife Cheese Tower

Sticks N Sushi Menu For Two

Sticks N Sushi Misu Soup

Sticks N Sushi Lobster

Claus Christensen Chef

Peter Restaurant Chef

Thomas Pasfall Chef

Erwin Lauterbach Chef

Nicola Fanetti Chef

Bolivian Pink Lady

Bolivian Market Lady

Bolivian Alti Plano Schoolboy

Bolivian Alti Plano lady with a smile

Bolivian Alti Plano Schoolgirls

Bolivian Alti plano Homework Time

Bolivian Alti Plano Home

Bolivian Alti Plano Mother and Daughter

Bolivian Alti Plano Schoolgirl

Indian Tailor

Cambodian SOS Children Schoolboys

Vietnamese Schoolgirl

Women Deliver 2016 Butlers Choice-Choice Foundation

Women Deliver 2016 Book Cover

Burkina Faso Breastfeeding women

Women Deliver 2016 Malawi Maze Field

Women Deliver 2016 Burkina Faso Cutting Soap

Women Deliver 2016 Cooking Soap

Women Deliver 2016 Froosh

Ghanaian Little Nude Boy

Ghanaian School Children

Ghanaian Girl Counting

Ghanaian President Boy

Women Deliver 2016 Burkina Faso Women

Power Woman

Ghanaian brothers doing Homework

Ghanaian father two wives and ten children

Ghanaian Proud School Boy

Ghanaian Boy doing homework

Women Deliver Burkina Faso Home

Ghanaian Girls collecting wood

Ghanaian Family

Forum Copenhagen Director

Forum Copenhagen Director

Christian Bind Chef

Forest Fairy/Botanic

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Portraits

Radio Host Sara Bro

Botanic Frida Kahlo

Signe Wenneberg Journalist & Author

Leica Women

Copenhagen Cooking 2014 Sea Man

Botanic Maria Montell

Copenhagen fashion week Shoe Couture

Ghanaian Carpainter

Women Deliver- Women Empower Business Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso/Documentary

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