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“Stine Heilmann is one or the most acknowledged Danish female contemporary photographers. With 25 years of experience, working with benchmark photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and many more, she has developed her own unique, impeccable and truthful style and way of working.

Her uncompromising and empathetic approach to objects as well as nature and human beings makes Stine Heilmann a truly committed, professional and exciting photographer and person to work with.”

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What is it like working with Stine Heilmann?

“It’s no secret that I’ve been photographed endless times over the last 30 years. It can really be an intimidating, slow and naked experience, and therefore half of what makes a good portrait is what the photographer gives of her self to her ‘victim’. About a year ago I was portrayed in my capacity as Ambassador to Mandela Bangles.

Stine Heilmann was behind the camera. I remember it very clearly because Stine was an unforgettable experience. Giving, communicative, professional, sensitive and empathic. Time flies in her company, she is a great person full of humor and wonderful energy. And you suddenly feel beautiful in her presence. I do hope that she will steal a bit of my soul some other time”

Søs Egelind


“Stine Heilmann’s photography is a reflection of how she lives: with warmth, humor, intuition and great artistic originality. She has a psychological perception of the people she photographs, including our limits and “potential” as subjects. She is no less than wonderful to be photographed by.”

Ellen Hillingsøe


“My colleague and I were asked to get a joint portrait taken. After a good deal of research, the choice fell on Stine Heilmann, who, apart from embodying good taste and style, also has the rare gift for making people look like themselves in photos. And we got more than that.

The entire experience was playful, inspired trust and was very relaxed. We enjoyed being center of attention and never felt self-conscious or fake.

Stine took a charming, lifelike picture, but the most impressive thing is that she was able to read our different personalities so quickly and portray us as the ones we are in relation to each other.”

Dorte Høgh

Script Writer

“I can deeply recommend Stine Heilmann as a portrait photographer. She is sharp and efficient and has a talent for talking with people, so that you as a ‘photo victim’ feel in the best of hands.”

Sisse Fisker

TV hostess - Author

“I hate being photographed. And then I met Stine! I had never felt this comfortable in a photo shoot. With her  kindness and interest Stine goes right in and makes a mature woman feel like the most important and most beautiful being on Earth. It shows in the pictures. They are outstanding.”

Trine Gregorius

TV hostess - Communication adviser

“Stine has as special way of making you feel relaxed. She manages through her style and perception to portray people beautiful and alive.”

Ida Auken


“I was photographed by Stine Heilmann recently, on a chilly Summer’s day. I showed up a bit out of form but went home transformed. Her pictures confirmed my experience: she has her own unique vision. Deep, precise and loving.”

Anne Wivel

Documentary Director

“As you arrive your pulse is of course slightly raised. This passes, however, the moment you realize that Stine is in control. Forget your comfort zone, forget your attitude. Stine knows exactly where you are headed.”

Steen Halbye


“It is easy to recommend Stine Heilmann. I felt in such good hands. Generous and loyal on a human level in an exposed situation such as that of being photographed. She possesses the empathy and interest that should be the trademark of a really good photographer.”

Ulla Henningsen


“When, as a ‘portrait victim’ you meet Stine Heilmann for the first time, you instantly feel that she really sees you. Her interest is both professional and personal. That leaves you with a good experience during the process, and results in the pictures being both deep and glamorous.”

Karen Bro

Editor in chief , Ekstra Bladet

“Stine has a unique ability to see the person at the other end of the lens, resulting in very authentic and raw images with an edge!”

Jimmy Maymann


“I love working with Stine. She always gets the best results in all the situations we have worked together. She is so good, and at the same time she such good company. This means a lot, for example, when taking portraits. I can only recommend Stine. And I always recommend only her.”

Flemming Møldrup

Lifestyle expert

“To make the good portrait, cooperation and confidence to catch a feeling…

The moment!  Stine can exactly this!”

Markus Grigo Bryde Tavsen



Femina - Årets kreative 2020

IN Magazine 2017

Livsstil 2007

Sunday Weekley 2016

Alt for Damerne 2006

POV 2016

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